Husqvarna Diamond Blades

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Husqvarna Diamond Blades

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European manufactured high quality Husqvarna Diamond Blades for sale. A 350mm diameter blade can cut up to 120mm depth. Variety of diamond blades for sale from 300mm up to 1500mm. For maximum performance, the material should be matched to the blade as closely as possible. As a general rule, determine the material which will be cut most often, or the material for which top blade performance is most important. The range of Husqvarna diamond blades covers applications including grinding & polishing, core drilling, power cutting, wall, floor, tile & wire sawing.

Vari-Cut is a premium diamond blade series designed to cut almost anything a general contractor comes across during a workday. You can cut pipe and steel rebar as easily as bricks, blocks and concrete slabs. When we’ve developing Vari-Cut we used all our cutting knowledge, to give you maximum blade for the buck. Husqvarna Vari-Cut blades are the ideal choice for general handheld cutting, floor sawing and masonry sawing applications.

Questions to ask to ensure you get the right blade:

  • What material are you cutting? You can either opt for a universal tool that works well on several different materials or an optimised tool designed for cutting a specific material.
  • Do you need speed or endurance – High cutting speed helps you get the job done quickly, with less effort. High wear resistance means longer service life in more extensive jobs.
  • What machine or equipment are you using – you need the right blade for your application.
  • 115mm Diamond Blade : Cutting of tiles or small clay brick
  • 230mm Diamond Blade : For cutting of clay / cement brick, chasing plaster or cutting stone
  • 350mm Concrete Diamond Blade : Cutting of concrete
  • 350mm Asphalt Diamond Blade : Cutting of Asphalt
  • 180mm Grinding disks : Grinding of concrete floors
  • 250mm Grinding disks : Grinding of concrete floors