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350mm Kwagga Floor Saw

Tool Time, sales division of Hire It, offers backup and spares for all machines we sell. As agents for Honda, Aksa, Yamaha, Husqvarna, Bosch, Makita, Hoffmann and more, we have access to a wide range of equipment including our locally assembled Kwagga products powered by Honda, made tough for the African market. Delivery available nationwide.

350mm Kwagga Floor Saw

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KWAGGA 350mm Floor Saw for sale from Tool Time, sales division of Hire It. All New KWAGGA floor saw with HONDA GX160 engine, which can take up to 350 mm blades. Able to cut Concrete, Asphalt and more.

  • Engine: GX160, 5.5HP
  • BLADE: Up to 350mm
  • Self Propelled: No
  • Throttle control as standard
  • Ergonomically designed, handles with comfortable grips
  • Easy crank for raising/lowering cutting depth
  • Hinged front, lift up blade guard is designed to provide easy blade replacement
  • Super-rigid box frame ensures straight cuts while resisting warping and vibration which prolongs life, extends blade life