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Makita Breaker HM1812 (AVT)

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Makita Breaker HM1812 (AVT)

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Makita Breaker HM1812 for sale. This is the most powerful electric breaker on the market. It boasts high impact performance due to 72.8 joules of impact energy and 870 impacts per minute. Makita Breaker HM1812 has AVT(Anti-Vibration Technology) which features an internal mechanical counterbalance system, vibration-absorbing housing, and fixed movement handles that reduces vibration significantly during concrete breaking applications – so important when handling a power tool that weighs just over 30kgs.

  • Counter weight mechanism and vibration absorbing housing helps to reduce vibration.
  • Suppression of motor speed during no-load reduces vibration of tool body when idling.
  • Soft grip provides more control and less hand fatigue.
  • Soft start for suppressing start-up reaction.
  • Newly developed dust extraction attachment is available.

This large breaker or jackhammer is used to break up reinforced concrete, asphalt & certain rock. AVT reduces vibration by up to three times by directing more impact energy to the work surface, rather than up through the users body, via an internal counterbalance system. Makita Breaker HM1812 follows the HM1810 46.5 pound breaker hammer, also with AVT. Breaker also known as demolition hammer. Tool sold without bit.


  • Chisels available: Pointed, narrow flat 25mm, medium flat 80mm & wide flat 120mm
  • 30kg – Hex,
  • 2000 Watt,
  • Impact Rate 870 b/min,
  • 72.8 joules
  • Minimum generator size 4.5 kVA